Fibromyalgia and Fatigue. Are We Our Own Worst Enemies. 

The Paradox of Posture and Disease.

how to beat fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome


Furniture is a classic example of how Western design values have imposed themselves on our postures and general wellbeing. 

You would think that when referring to “comfy” chairs. They would be just that, but comfy in this context is wrong they should really refer to “soft” chairs. In terms of our maintaining correct postural alignment the Western “comfy” chair is absurd. 

These dreadful pieced of badly designed furniture force the spinal column of the victim into incorrect shapes which feed into a negative feedback loop of excess tension. All the while we are actually lead to believe that we are sitting “comfortably”. 

In many third world countries, this comfy furniture is physically unavailable and so the people are forced to squat rather than sit and lie on the floor rather than a soft mattress - in a strange turnaround this means natural posture is forced upon them throughout their daily lives. Not surprisingly back pain becomes much less common and similarly the incidence of reported Fibromyalgia and CFS is practically nil. 

Obviously there are drawbacks to lying on the floor but my point stands. The first recording of Fibromyalgia and CFS are relatively recent. Certainly within the confines of the recent industrial revolution. Have we in reality evolved too fast? It’s important to remember just how many millions of years it took humans to get off 4 legs onto 2!! 

Take the "comfy" sofa example again. What really are the manufacturer's bottom line criteria in designing and building this item? 

The REAL design requirements and resultant specification is that it is more fashionable than the competition and then that it can be made more cheaply than the competition so the mark-up and profit can be higher from each sale. Case closed.

Do not for one minute believe that marketeers and salesmen are sitting round their “brain-storming” coffee mornings saying "let’s design a sofa so our buyers can relax in a natural position, realign their faulty posture and avoid muscular tension."



If this was the case the “comfy chair” would not exist in its current form. Another example of “chronic misuse of body” forced upon us by tradition and the manufacturers design specification is the Western style W.C.

In terms of going to the toilet comfortably this piece of domestic furniture is absolutely wrong and causes the necessity for a huge amount of pressure to be applied in the lumbar area in order to expel a motion. Again squatting as in other thirld world countries and until recently many first world countries is the evolutionary correct position. However as its considered inelegant as for example in France , public conveniences have now been replaced with the modern seated W.C.

What I recommend is that you employ the simple strategies that I am about to outline as soon as possible, which will present you with “quick wins” in terms of your overall musculoskeletal positioning.

I have talked about the musculoskeletal anomalies inherent in Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers and how they are largely responsible for maintaining your illness.

If there is any doubt about these assertions lets look at the data:

Physcially moving around, keeping moving helps to mobilize the joints and reduces the symptoms caused by bad posture.

Post operative surgery to correct spinal disc injury or failure is often improved even further with therapy to learn how to use back and abdominal muscles.


After an episode of back pain, bed rest is no longer recommended by practitioners; moving around normally and with correct muscular movement is the recommended technique.

Bad posture is often behind many problems with pinched nerves in the back and neck which can sometimes manifest as other conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


In relation to Fibromyalgia and associated fatigue the most important thing is to alleviate compression in the spinal column. This will mean fewer attacks of musculoskeletal pain which are further triggering your Fibromyalgia attacks.





Clive L. Haslam, (B.A, M.Sc, PgDip)

CFS/ Fibromyalgia Research.

CFS/ Fibromyalgia Sufferer.



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