How to Reprogram Conscious Thought Processes 

with the Alexander Technique. Part 2

how to beat fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome


Alexander identified this tension as a major source of ill health. There is simply no need to ask our muscles to do more work than is necessary to be able to perform their assigned job. This forms the basis for what Alexander describes as "release".

  Learn to release your muscles. 

When I talk to people about releasing muscular tension using conscious control I often draw some very blank looks. Using examples is a good way to describe the process.


Below, I give some examples of the process of release and also talk about Alexander's 5th and possibly his most influential rule:- Inhibition.


Exercise 1


Raise a cup to your mouth in the normal way. As the cup approaches your mouth relax your arm and shoulders to reduce tension as much as possible while still keeping the cup in place.


So we can see that the tension that was in the arm and shoulder before the conscious act was really not necessary because the cup remained in position.


We can see that the muscles were not totally relaxed as the cup would drop, but the technique is important as we can apply it throughout the entire body.


For example many of us sit at workstations for several hours a day holding a great deal of tension in our bodies.


Try writing something about your day today, as you are writing, focus on the tension in your neck and shoulders. As the tension eases, you should notice that your shoulders drop and you feel less tired.


As you hold your pen can you reduce the tension that is in your hand and fingers?


As you are writing think about the position of your feet, and your legs. Are you holding extra tension there? Make a mental effort to reduce and ease the tension in your feet and legs as you sit at your desk.



The problem at this stage will be that the second you shift your focus the tension returns, but this is a temporary situation as your body will begin to appreciate the state of reduced tension and will do it automatically.


One technique that people find useful is to look on the tension as a type of constant annoying chatter, and reducing the tension as quieting the chatter.


The rules for effective use of body:


Combining the first 2 rules for effective use of body helps the spine to maintain length throughout the spinal column.


Lengthening the spinal column helps to maintain curvature and flexibility as oppose to compression caused by tension throughout the posture.


The Autonomic Nervous System of modern man is being over-stimulated on a daily basis.


Walking through your town or city, relaxing in your own home, whatever your daily life entails, your Autonomic Nervous System is massively over-stimulated in comparison to the level of stimulation it is genetically designed to cope with at an evolutionary biological level.


Remember specifically that the industrial society we have developed into has largely come about in the last hundred years or so.


The motor car, the widescreen TV, the subwoofer hi-fi stereo, the neon lighting and advertisements, the telephone and its mobile version all these have appeared in a blip of time in evolutionary terms.


Examined from the perspective of an evolutionary timeline, human beings have gone from living on a peaceful, relaxing tropical beach to being in the loudest brashest nightclub in New York in the space of a millionth of a second.







Clive L. Haslam, (B.A, M.Sc, PgDip)

CFS/ Fibromyalgia Research.

CFS/ Fibromyalgia Sufferer.



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