"Tired All The Time, Joint and Muscle Pain or Weakness, Brain Fog, Depressed, Powerless, Worried and Scared ?

Sound Familiar? Stop All Your Suffering Within 40 Days !

Take Back Your Life From Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Starting NOW, Today...."

"Pioneering New Techniques Designed to Help Sufferers Recover by Following a Simple, Affordable, Daily Treatment Strategy..."

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Dear Sufferer

Please Take One Minute To Answer These 10 Questions:

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Do you define yourself as a victim of Fibromyalgia and/ or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Do you wake up every morning dreading the day ahead?
Do you still feel ill and exhausted even after a good night sleep?
Do you get anxious that you may lose your lifestyle, your job, your friends, even your family?
Do you feel hopeless about your future and donít know who to turn to for treatment and advice?
Have you tried all the recognized, established Fibromyalgia and CFS treatments and medicines and have now literally run out if ideas about what to do next?
Have you been advised that your illness is psychosomatic (all in your head), that you should try antidepressants, counselling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) .
Have you been told that you are simply unfit, lack stamina and should do more exercise? 
Have you been told your condition is untreatable or incurable and that you will just have to live with it?
Have you now reached the stage where you are ready to throw away all the misconceptions about your illness, discover what has actually gone wrong and how you might start to get better?

Have You Ticked More Yes Boxes Than No?


"Quite simply the treatment techniques worked for me. Clive explains the techniques, what they are and how and why they work. Essential reading for all Fibromyalgia and CFS Sufferers....K.L Raddon "


Over the past 8 years i have dedicated my time to researching and developing a combination of highly effective and extremely powerful techniques that can start to have a real, genuine and profound effect within the first 6 weeks leading to a strong recovery from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue within 6 months to 1 year.

By following the entire treatment strategy carefully, following the detail with discipline and persistence, you have every chance to succeed in reversing and repairing the core damage that is currently preventing the recovery of an entire range of organ systems that are failing.

It is the combination of multiple organ system failures that is currently causing your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms that are making you feel so ill, so tired all the time and with so many terrible symptoms.


"The good news is that research has identified what we believe are the primary cause for all these systemic failures.

By so doing you can at last start to deliver targeted, efficient treatment, leading ultimately to a strong recovery"...Clive Haslam.


Many Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue treatment protocols can only act to mask the symptoms of your condition. Clearly if this is the case then once you stop the treatment or drug, in most cases the symptoms will return:-


* Release v5.01. 01/11/2011. Updates,improvements, new research and results.






"Really well written, well explained and illustrated research into chronic fatigue. To beat this illness you have to eat right, move properly, address bad lifestyle choices, get rid of stress and anxiety all at the same time. Its a tough call but its worth it"

... Chris M (Melbourne)


1 A New Fibromyalgia and CFS treatment protocol that directly targets the cause of your illness, and by so doing simultaneously eliminates your symptoms and can start to make you feel noticeably better within 6 weeks.
2 Find out about new research which has lead a select few scientists and doctors to finally identify and understand what they believe are the real causes of Fibromyalgia and CFS.
3 Discover what they believe is at present "maintaining" the devastating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms for such long periods, and why they keep returning, just when you think you are over the worst.
4 Hear about the recent breakthroughs that have led to the development of a unique combination treatment protocol that if you practice daily, will ensure that you are reversing the core damage, and how this will dramatically improve your recovery from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its devastating spectrum of  symptoms.
5 Find out how and why these diseases begin in a variety of ways, have an enormous array of symptoms, and how this has led to confusion about Fibromyalgia and CFS diagnosis and treatment protocols for 5 whole decades, and counting.
6 Learn how the actual Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms that make your life so miserable and unbearable are being exacerbated by the same basic defects and damage that can be found in all sufferers, and precisely what you can do about it today.
7 Find out how to cope with stress, anxiety, diet, exercise, important lifestyle changes that you will require to implement, and the science behind them. Learn just why stress and anxiety are so incredibly bad for you and are in fact making you so much worse and most importantly, what you can do to avoid the effects of stress completely.
8 Discover what is happening to your digestion. Find out about IBS, Leaky Gut;  How the changes in one key area of your brain, and the effects on spinal nerves are causing multiple systems to fail  throughout your body and how you can reverse this damage.
9 Take advantage of the things that I have tried, those that work, and those that hurt. Often the "hurt" is only financial, but some treatment protocols such as graded exercise can be detrimental to some sufferers if carried out excessively or at the wrong stage. Find out why.
10 Educate yourself about the psychological aspects of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how to cope and explain your condition to family, friends and colleagues.
12 Hear about my personal journey through Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and what to expect when you present at your chosen healthcare provider.
13 Study, practice and memorize the precise routine required for the manual treatments that you need to repair the damage to your body, and how you can start to reverse the damage today.
14 Which long standing therapies actually DO benefit these syndromes the most including how and why they are of massive benefit to your recovery.
15 What precisely ARE Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Why are there so many different manifestations of the same illness.



My name is Clive Haslam

"Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The Silence and the Suffering.."

"The bottom line is that collectively "The Establishment" struggles to agree on the cause, the treatment or the outlook  for these fatigue spectrum illnesses and therefore struggles to  establish an efficient, joined up treatment strategy.

Maybe the main reason that the fatigue spectrum syndromes have historically lacked large scale investment is due to their failure to respond to pharmaceutical drug regimes, failure to achieve accurate diagnosis with  traditional tests, and the fact that they are not considered fatal.

Just as you may do, i felt disappointed, frustrated and angry at the apathy and lack of care and interest shown to me by colleagues, friends, family and the medical establishment and decided that something had to change radically and quickly for several million sufferers of these diseases.

Today you are reading the results, and hopefully it will give new hope to those fighting these chronic diseases."

... Clive Haslam




My Story:

I began suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2002 with associated Fibromyalgia trigger point pain after exposure to a viral infection or chemical exposure of unknown identity or origin, but most likely a retrovirus such as Epstein Barr.

My experience taught me that it is an enormously helpful exercise for every individual sufferer to identify their own hopes and desires for their own future:-


Freedom from your constant chronic muscle pain and aching limbs...
Escape the draining effect of constant tiredness and debilitating lack of energy...
Return to enjoying sport and exercise like you used to and feel better and fitter the day after. Rather than being bedridden again...
Look forward to holidays with family and friends, sleeping late and just enjoying relaxing without constant pain...rather than dreading the whole ordeal like you do now.
Being rid of cognitive impairment - the brain fog, memory loss and difficulty concentrating that is currently putting your job or livelihood at risk...
Freedom to go for long country walks and breathe the fresh clean air...
Enjoy going out again. Enjoy eating your favourite foods in restaurants and bars whenever you like without the appalling, painful and embarrassing digestive problems or alcohol intolerance...
Waking up after a good nights sleep feeling totally refreshed and eager to get out of bed and face the day with energy and vitality...
Saving thousands of pounds in medical bills and prescription drug costs ...

The ability to connect with the world as a full complete human being once more and having the freedom to enjoy socializing with your friends and family. The simple things that you once took for granted which have now been taken away by this disease...


No longer does your quality of life  have to be any different to anyone else's !




"The Metabolic Miracle!

Rebuilding Cellular Energy in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"


* Release v 3.51, 03/05/2011. This manual is being continually updated with incoming research studies and results.


Based on remarkable new breakthroughs in Metabolic Cardiology, and Mitochondrial Research, a revolutionary treatment strategy which works synergistically to rebuild and recharge the body's broken fuel cells.


Metabolic and cardiac research that proves that you have a real organic illness and how the very name and classification of these diseases may need to change.
Discover the "Mitochondria", the body's own battery cells, what they are, why they are so important, why they are failing, and what you can do to stop and reverse the damage.
Find out what has happened to your body's energy production at a cellular level and what you can do to restore cellular energy production.
Why the trigger infection or chemical exposure is NO LONGER the cause of your Fibromyalgia and CFS pain.
Hear in detail about the different stages of your illness. The downward spiral and the road to recovery.
What exactly has happened to your brain, your autonomic nervous, endocrine and immune systems and what you can do about it.
Finally, the specific multi supplement regime which taken in combination will work to rebuild your bodies broken fuel cells and restart cellular energy production, reversing the genetic damage to your DNA and turning your condition around.

Let's just take a moment to examine traditional establishment therapies that have shown promise in treating these conditions:

Graded Exercise 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The bottom line and common thread throughout all these therapies is that although they may be of help in making the sufferer feel somewhat happier, less depressed or anxious:-

They only work to mask your pain and tiredness.

or: They do not target the cause of your illness.

or: They only address one specific aspect of your illness.

They cannot offer you long term genuine recovery.


"None of the traditional drugs or strategies in general use to treat Fibromyalgia/ CFS were ever designed specifically for this purpose. They were all designed to treat other illnesses and diseases"...



"The most difficult thing with these conditions is trying to work out how and why it happened to you, and at least then you can start to figure out how to tackle it.Thanks for this."

....Todd K ( Canada )


"I thought I just had a virus that had lasted for 2 years but this research explains that the virus is no longer the cause, itís the after effects and damage that is left that needs repairing and the body just canít do it on its own."

...Dave H, England UK


"I was amazed by the accurate insight and perception regarding my condition"

....Jadwiga R ( Poland )


"My legs and arms are still very heavy, but my headaches are much better, and I can concentrate at work again"

... Jazz C. (UK)




Over time, achieve an excellent recovery from your Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the constant, painful, tiresome symptoms.

Resume a full and happy life again, from where you left off before the illness took over. Start to return to the life you once knew.
The simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques that can be performed at any time and any place, at home, at work or on holiday.

Precise instructions for the manual and physical techniques. How and why they work to take away your pain, give you back your energy, your wellbeing, your life.

How the success of the techniques is only determined by your dedication to getting better, where that determination will come from, and why this time you will not fail.

The freedom that the techniques will give you. Be rid of wonder cures, or expensive gadgets.
The specific multi-supplement/ medical regime adapted from recognized successful metabolic cardiac therapy that you should follow. Most importantly I describe HOW it works and WHY it works at a cellular level.
Intervention based flowchart and treatment model that facilitates recovery all the way from presentation to cure.

How you can relax with the confidence that everyday you follow this regime, a life free from the pain and misery of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome will become one step closer.




"Realign Your Body, Mind and Soul.

Beat Postural Disease with the Alexander Technique"


* Release Candidate. 1.01 Groundbreaking research documents on deep healing effects of Alexander Technique.


Is it possible that your unconscious fears and anxieties are directly affecting your musculoskeletal balance and that only by releasing these fears will you be able to regain control.
Is this postural imbalance feeding a negative downward cycle of unnecessary pain, stress and tension leading to breakdown of the nervous system and Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in genetically susceptible individuals.
Learn how to bring your thought processes under direct conscious control and so break the cycle of negative feedback and force your body to adopt and maintain its correct alignment.
Discover the actions and orders that will release you from the downward spirals of stress, tension and anxiety, and lead you away from postural disease.
Find out about the hypocrisy of modern Western values and the infrastructure that may be damaging your health, your nervous system, your immune and endocrine systems.



"Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Essentials: 

The Alternative Way to Quit Smoking".



In-depth information relating why stopping smoking is essential to your recovery from CFS and Fibromyalgia and why it could derail your recovery.
The elemental substances within cigarette smoke that attach themselves to your cellular DNA and the bad news about what happens next.

Neurological codes which mean that simply by reading this book you are already 90% of the way to giving up. 

Why it is so tough to stop smoking and why you have failed in the past, but why this time HAS to be different.
How to install powerful, subliminal messages using Neuro Linguistic Programming and Self Hypnotic Suggestion and techniques.
How to record your feelings and insecurities surrounding your addiction. Your hopes for your future and progress.
How these techniques can be modified to permanently alter almost any self defeating habits in your life.





Clive L. Haslam, (B.A, M.Sc, PgDip)

Biochemical Science and Research.

email support provided with product purchase *




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